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Inauguration in 2013 of a brand new LEDE box in a box studio, with the very latest UMIDI creative platform
dedicated especially to the composition of film scores.

Though this platform incorporates the very latest technologies, it relies first and foremost on unique software especially designed for the creation of film scores. A veritable enforcer, as it were, it optimises each stage in production and thus makes it possible to produce complex symphonic music or modern musical styles of extremely high quality within a perfectly controlled deadline.

Another significant advantage, the conservation of multitrack access, enables it to suggest several
different musical options for the same scene. Therefore, even when it concerns rich symphonic music,
it is still possible to pare it down or enrich it by giving it more instrumental breadth, or even to
change its length etc., a flexibility highly sought after by producers and directors.

This workstation thus makes it possible to produce a score according to precise, demanding specifications, whilst guaranteeing optimal end quality worthy of the greatest Hollywood studios, all of it, of course, within the budget of all film productions.