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1. UMIDI guitar, single original copy, very first MIDI guitar, prototype developed in the RTBF laboratory in 1984.
It is designed like a cello with a scroll at the end of the neck, classic F-holes and a sound post between the belly and the back plate.
2. Miller jazz guitar, single original copy, developed by a private stringed instrument maker, Edmond, in 1947.
3. Takamine 12-string electro-acoustic guitar, purity and precision. No need to squeeze like a vice, it rings out…
4. Yamaha guitar, my very first guitar purchased in 1979. It still has incredible bass notes, ideal for finger-picking.
5. Classical electro-acoustic Ibanez guitar
6. Electro-acoustic Yamaha guitar
7. Guisval classical Spanish guitar
8. Ibanez electro-acoustic jazz guitar 1973
9. Ibanez electric guitar 1972
10. Multipurpose Ibanez bass guitar model 2009
11. Goldy 5-string banjo
12. Rare Moddy 7-string banjo
13. Algerian 8-string bouzouki
14. Yamaha ukulele guitar